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Goldstar ActForex Software

You can use the Goldstar AtcForex Wintrader software for Windows for your trading or speculations on the most liquid world exchange. For users with a different computer operating system is possible to use a Java trading platform, that is clear and very simple.

Trading Software Goldstar

The Trading Software Goldstar provides an access and contact on the worlds biggest electronical exchange. The Trading Software Goldstar under programs AtcForex WinTrader (Windows) and also Java allows Online trading og ginancial instruments CFDs and Forex, fast and prompt order placing.Goldstar AtcForex Wintrader is industry-leading trading platform, graphically very clear with excellent technical analysis options (you can work with a high number of working windows with charts and other data, it is possible totrade directly from graphs). The platform works with real data, allows a perfect view of trading, entering the type of instructions MO, Stops, Limits, Hedge, OCO and many others. You can create multiple user profiles, program strategies and use a large number of other functions.

Foryour connection to the exchange, you can also use your mobile phone and Mobile Trading Software.

Program Goldstar AtcForex Windows WinTrader

Download this software to your computer, you can use multiple profiles for multiple computers (PC, Notebook). Software is identical to the types of accounts CFD & Forex Account and ICTS Forex Account. Click on the button in order to start downloading:

Start download

Click here fordirections and views of the edited software ..! (under construction)

Goldstar AtcForex WinTrader -complete instructions in English..!

Goldstar AtcForex Wintrader for mobile phones

Mobile Trading, using software for Trading from mobile phone, more information here.

Previews and user manuals for the software and charts are in the simplified, briefversion.

We wish you a profitable and safe trading
at the Online trading platform Goldstar Online Trading on the Java basis and WinTrader. Exploit actively all possibilities of the risk management, the loss regulation and the profit maximalization.