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iPhone application for Trading

An application for Online trading directly from your iPhone? Here, you can find useful advice, how to use this application and how to trade directly from Your iPhone. You can have a permanent overview of developments of Your trading positions, view charts, set trading orders, etc..

Trading platform for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Do you use any other mobile phone? Instructions for different mobile phones with Internet connection can be found here.

a) Initial registration of Live or Demo account on this website

This software is for Demo and Live accounts held by GCI Financial Ltd. and Goldstar Online Trading. If you already trade on this account, follow the instruction below. If not, you can create Demo account for free on this website and try the application. Demo account can be created here.

b) Searching in APP STORE (on-line storage of applications) "gci trader" software (including spaces between words).

Download and installation into iPhone, iPod, iPad...

c) Home application screen after startup - enter the Username and Password (all will be assigned to you ). Choosing the Account Type.

Choose the tupe of your Live, possibly Demo account in the Account Type field. Enter your User name into the Username field and write your password into Password field.

d) Dealing rates - overview of current asset rates

If you are interested in current rates or in possible entrance into the position, you choose the same as in regular platform, DEALERS RATES. The selection of refundant assets can be hiden in Menu.

e) Simple and intuitive setting of trading command, possibility of setting the Limits

Click on the Charts in Menu, choose an asset, which you want to trade. When you see the chart, you can find a menu for Buy or Sell above it. You will see a Menu (see the picture below). There, you can set a number of Lots and set a Limit. When using WinSignals, we recommend to always set a price limit for Profit Target L1 within the Set & Forget strategy.

f) Detailes of open position

Development of your open position can be always studied in the Position Info tab.

g) Statement of trading results

Your trading results can be studied in the History tab found in the Menu. And if you trade with WinSignals, the results will be amazingly green :-)

Trading with WinSignals via Mobile phone

Combination of trading via mobile platforms and WinSignals is a very effective way of trading on the Stock Exchange. With WinSignals, our clients reach 80 - 90% success rate in short-term predictions of financial markets development. A team of specialists monitors the markets for you. Simply just accept the signal, set a trading order through your mobile phone, set Limit Order on Profit Target L1 and keep doing your favourite activity, work, relaxing... Do you know any easier way of making money on the Stock Exchange?

It really works. If you don"t trust it, there is no other way than trying the WinSignals and see for yourselves. Find out more information.