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Exchange, Stocks, Commodities, Forex

Website www.TradersNo1.com is designed for professional traders of CFD Shares, Commodities and Forex and contains particularly useful information for Demo and Live trading on Shares, Commodities and Forex including the neccessary services. Website is created for You by top industry experts, Traders No1..! Realize Your Professional Trading in conditions of CFD and Forex Exchange. Speculations on the Stock Exchange are a great opportunity for smart and disciplined people. Learn to use high financial efficiency of trading and unique Goldstar opportunities. We trade safely and in a disciplined way, we focus on maximalization of profits and minimalizations of losses. Learn Your Win Risk Management..!

TradersNo1 recommend for Yout profitable Trading:

WinSignals - Order information for your profitable speculations on the Stock Exchange and start making money together with us and our clinets! WinSignals is a service, within which are the clients notified by SMS, E-mail and Skype, when a WinSignals team of analysts identifies sufficiently profitable and safe trading opportunity on Online markets.

Speculate Online on CFD and Forex Exchange

Online Trading Connection provides a free contract and informational service for easy and effective access to financial markets on the world"s largest electronical Exchange for CFD shares, commodities and Forex Trading.

Opportunity for Forex and CFD Online trading on shares, share indices and commodities. CFD Exchange for Shares, Commodities and Forex is the largest electronical trading system in the world! Currency Forex Exchange is the world"s largest and most liquid system. CFD Exchange (Contract for Difference) enables effective speculations with instruments on commodities, world shares and share indices.

SImply just open a Live account for real trading directly, without any broker. Forex and CFD Exchange on Shares, Commodities has many advantages:

  • By opening a Live account for trading on electronical CFD Exchange on Shares, Commodities and Forex, you can get a trading Bonus of 10 - 20% of first deposit!
  • Establishment of any account on CFD Exchange on Stock, Commodities and Forex proceeds in entirely electronical way online via Internet. You do not need any contracts to open Demo or Live accounts!
  • Everyone can do business, natural or legal person, on Exchange of Stocks, Commodities, Forex. To open an account, uou do not need any any permits, licences or certificates. Trading on CFD Shares, Commodity and Forex Exchange is a legal way of making money, which is not contrary to the laws of your domestic country.
  • You can participate in attractive trading speculations on the Stock Exchange with minimum capital from 2000,- EUR (USD) and trading Margin from 25,- EUR (USD)! Accounts can not get into overdraft! Check the details here!

Main advantages of trading - CFD and Forex Exchange, Stocks, Commodities, Currencies.

  • CFDs Trading, Forex - shares, indices, commodities, currency pairs
  • Trading without fees
  • Top internet software for Online Trading
  • Real data and charts for free
  • Unique and top-class trading tools
  • Excellent and fast execution of trading orders
  • Comfortable access to your account and safe experience with online trading
  • The lowest CFDs and Forex spreads in the field!
  • The lowest Margin requirements in the field
  • Margin per Lot inly 25,- EUR (USD) per Lot, 5% at shares
  • Leverage 1:50 up to 1:400
  • Your money is on seperated clients account
  • High security to protect Your capital
  • Possibility to trade your accounts in EUR or USD currency!
  • The possibility of opening CFD account

Software Goldstar AtcForex WIntrader. Check the basic functions of thos software for Your Demo and Live trading.

Goldstar @ GCI Financial

Goldstar Online Trading Ltd. company, located in WYoming, USA, is a provider of connection and Goldstar AtcForex Wintrader trading software for the largest Online electronical CFDs and Forex Exchange in the world. GCI Financial Ltd. company is an operator of Exchange with a turnover in tens to hundreds of billions USD a week. For its operation and maintenance of customers accounts it uses technical support and servers directly in USA, New York. The Exchange connects its dervates with the parquet of world"s largest stock exchanges (NYSE, CBOT, and others). Accounts of their clients are maintained at reputable banks (JP Morgan, ING, Commerzbank...), and secures its positions actualy online in volumes of hundreds of millions USD.